South Africa

Gerald Cubitt, Arnold Helfet

“The Republic of South Africa is huge, varied, vital – and elusive. Her history has brought together an exciting mixture of races, ideas and potentials, where stone-age communities and jet-set sophisticates share 1.222.930 km2 of land as diverse as the people themselves. Between the silent Kalahari and the bustling golden city of Johannesburg there exist endless worlds within worlds of conflicting yet strangely interrelated patterns, moods and perspectives. Blessed with great scenic beauty, wealth and sense of purpose, South Africa is essentially a place of deep emotional involvements.

The introductory text and captions to the illustrations give concise information on the country’s history, ethnic groups, government and legal systems, geography, plant and animal lie, commerce and industry and other essential facts and facets of the South African scene.
In addition to Gerald Cubitt’s own superb collection, many other photographers were invited to contribute to the shortlist of 10.000 pictures from which the final selection was made.

This book will be treasured by tourists, will orientate the immigrant and will serve to remind south Africans that theirs is indeed a fascinating land.”





C. Struik P{ublishers



Talen Engels
Landen Zuid-Afrika


29x22cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 208 blz, in zeer goede staat

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