The Awakened Woman – Remembering & Reigniting our sacred dreams –

Dr. Tererai Trent, foreword by Oprah Winfrey

“Tererai Trent was a woman with a forgotten dream. As a young girl in a cattle-herding village in Zimbabwe, she yearned to receive an education. Instead, she was married young an by eighteen had already become a mother of four, her high school graduation only an elusive fantasy.Then, when she had all but given up hope, an inspiring encounter reawakened her sacred dream. Tererai planted her dreams deep in the earth and prayed they would grow.

Now, not only has Tererai earned her PhD but she has also built schools for girls in Zimbabwe with funding from Oprah. The Awakened Woman is her intimate and evocative guide through motivational lessons that will encourage all women to reexamine their ambitions and uncover the power hidden within them – power that can recreate our world for the better.

Tererai points out that there is a massive, untapped, global resource in women who have, for one reason or another, set aside their wisdom, their skills, and their dreams in order to take care of the personal business of their lives. This invisible suffering experienced by countless women can be transformed into a formidable asset for improving our world. Women have the capacity to inspire, to create, to transform – and Tererai’s moving call to action will awaken hearts, grant permission to recapture dreams, and provide the tools to forge a brighter path for all.”





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