The Complete Hutu and Kawa

written and illustrated by Avis Acres

“The Hutu and Kawa books are New Zealand classics. During the 1950s thousands of children enjoyed the adventures of the Pohutukawa Babies in the ‘N.Z. Herald’ each week, and the books became best sellers. The stories and illustrations are full of the wonder of the New Zealand forest and the birds that inhabit it. Far ahead of their time, they show a real concern for the preservation of our precious wildlife and environment.

The Adventures of Hutu and Kawa
This is the first Hutu and Kawa story. It introduces the Pohutukawa Babies, their faithfull adviser Grandpa Kiwi and their bush friends – the flower fairies and the birds.

Hutu and Kawa meet Tuatara
In their second adventure Hutu and Kawa bring happiness to homeless Tuatara, and help him to celebrate his hundredth birthday at a party to which all their forest friends are invited.

Hutu and Kawa find an island
In their third adventure Hutu and Kawa sail to a lovely island in their canoe, but discover that it is a very unhappy place. They help to get rid of a dangerous enemy, and finally return home in a most unusual way.”


Nieuw-Zeelandse klassieker voor kinderen, maar ook actueel. Sfeervolle verhalen en illustraties van/over de kinderen uit de bush.
Boek is in zeer goede staat en bevat dus alle 3 delen van Hutu en Kawa.





Little Reed




1955 / 1992

Talen Engels
Landen Nieuw Zeeland,


hardcover, ongenummerde blz, in zeer goede staat


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