The Wonder Safaris – Journeys of miracles and surprises –

Adam Levin

“‘I am growing weary of life in this jungle. This savage hunting for money and things. This relentless gathering in plastic supermarket packets. This drumming on dark disco floors. Perhaps it is time to walk again . To walk until my feet turn a tar road back to dirt. Till my garden grows wild as savannah and my dogs run free as wolves.’

With these word, Adam Levin discards his urban middle-class life in Johannesburg and starts walking – and watching, thinking, laughing, dancing – as he searches for remote people, forgotten places and his own identity on the continent of his birth. He lives the life of a vagabond, seeking out the miracles and surprises of Africa and transcribing them into ‘a hundred scruffy notebooks’. Levin travels where few have been and meets some of the continent’s most enchanting people, from Bi Kidude, East Africa’s greatest musical legend; to a mad Zanzibari Emperor; voodoo priestesses; millionaire businesswomen; couturiers and thieves.
The Wonder Safaris is a collection of these stories recording Levin’s rediscovery of his ‘miracle eye’; his ability to listen; his sense of wonder.”

Intrigerende verhalen van reiziger die al zijn zintuigen laat werken, gesitueerd in West-Afrika en het zuidoosten van Afrika.





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