Tibet – A Woman’s Lone Trek Across a Mysterious Land –

Sorrel Wilby

“Here is the incredible story of a solo journey across the rooftop of the world – a trek into an exotic land long hidden from Western eyes. …
Surprising and unexpected co-operation by the Chinese authorities led her to the fabled city of Lhasa, and there she planned her expedition to cross Tibet on foot – Tibet, the country of towering snow-capped peaks, deep valleys and batten, desert plains.
Sorrel’s meetings with Tibet’s nomadic herdsmen and the close fiendships she formed with their families and with the Tibetan farmers and townspeople, and her encounters with the Han Chinese occupiers of Tibet, make a fascinating story. She also tells of the increasing self-awareness she gained throug the hardships, loneliness and the many joys of her journey.”





Macdonald Queen Anne Press



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hardcover, met stofomslag, 219 blz, in goede staat (roestvlekjes op de snede)


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