A Book of Wales

Edited by D.M. and E.M. Lloyd

“The publication of a companion volume to A Book of Scotland is a welcome event and doubly so when it presents to the reading public a unique anthology selected from the comparatively unexplored fields of Welsh literature.

Wales,with its complex background of colourful, mystical traditions has inspired the imagination of many and varied writers of prose and poetry. The three main sources drawn upon for this anthology represent a complete cross-section of the life and character of the people of Wales, as depicted in ancient and contemporary literature.

On the one hand we have the Welsh point of view: compositions by Welshmen, of the 13th century onwards, originally written in their own musical tongue and here competently translated with admirable feeling; on the other, we have the literary tributes paid by English men of letters.
In between, completing the panorama, are the ‘Anglo-Welsh’ contributions – poetry and prose written by Welshmen in the English language.

This wealth of literature is divided as in A Book of Scotland into sections convenient to the reader’s mood and taste, e.g. Places; People Great and Small; Customs, Beliefs and Reflections on Life; Humour, Romance and Sentiment, Every facet of the nation’s poetic character is fairly represented in this anthology edited by D.M. & E.M. Lloyd, whose patriotic enthusiasm cannot but infect the reader.

The volume is delightfully illustrated with 46 carefully selected illustrations which do full justice to the wild beauty and variety of Welsh scenery.”






Talen Engels
Landen Verenigd Koninkrijk


pocketformaat, hardcover, met stofomslag, 384 blz, in goede staat (geschreven naam op schutblad, stofomslag wat verkleurd)


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