A House by the Shore

Allison Johnson

“The island of Harris is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The scenery is varied: steep and rugged mountains, misty crags and corries, sour pear bogs and sandy beaches … a spectacular, sometimes eerie landscape.

To this remote corner of Scotland came Alison and Johnson, fleeing urban life. For months they lived on sheep’s head broth and cabbage while they searched the island for a derelict old house to convert into a hotel. Then they discovered the old manse at Scarista, and fell in love.

But the object of their affections, the focus of their almost impatient ambitions, was almost a ruin. There were rats. Dead sheep. Windows, doors, floors needed replacing. And even after months of backbreaking work had created from this chaos a unique inn to match two extraordinary inn-keepers, ther was no licence, and major problems with supplies.

But at last there was success, crowned by a visit from the Prince of Wales. A quite exceptional enterprise had come of age.

A House by the Shore – a vivid description of a successful endeavour, and of the fascinating region and wild life, both animal and human, which provided both background and challenge.”










Talen Engels
Landen Verenigd Koninkrijk


paperback, 215 blz, in redelijke staat (blz aan rand licht verkleurd, lichte leesvouwen)

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