A Short History of West Africa – A.D. 1000 to the Present –

T.A. Osae, S.N. Nwabara and A.T.O. Odunsi

“This compact work was written by African scholars. Hitherto, most histories of areas colonized by Europeans have been written by the colonizers. This is a history of African people which is not limited to European activity in that continent.

In the first half of the book, the authors discuss the influence of geography and of events taking place elsewhere on the African continent (North Africa and the Nile Valley) on the states and kingdoms of West Africa from medieval times to the coming of the Europeans.

The second half discusses the major period of European trading, colonial rule, and the drive of African people for independence, a momentous and turbulent time in African history.

The authors conclude by discussing the 1960’s, the decade of true independence. …”




Hill and Wang





Talen Engels
Landen Afrika divers


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