Africans and their history – A major work of historical re-evaluation –

Joseph E. Harris

“The Black Past. Two imposing hurdles face anyone attempting to discover the truth about the history of Africans and Africa. One is the centuries of myth and prejudice that have layered over understanding of black culture with a stigma of ‘barbarism’ and inferiority.
The second is the lack of adequate research and also of a coherent overview of the different black societies on the vast continent.

Africans and their history is a major step toward surmounting both these handicaps. It offers devastating documentation of the ways in which Western writers have distorted Africa from the Greco-Roman period onward. And it is a superlative pulling-together of the many varied strands of black achievement from the great early African civilizations to the current era of awakened consciousness and dynamic change.
Incisive, authoritative and splendidly written, this work by a leading black scholar is truly invaluable and irreplaceable reading.”



A Mentor Book / New American Library





Talen Engels
Landen Afrika divers


pocket, 240 blz, in goede staat (lichte verkleuring aan de randen van de blz, ex-libris op titelblad)


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