America’s Scenic Drives

William C. Herow

– Travel USA – Travel Guide & Atlas –

“Features all 200 of America’s officially designated scenic drives in four national scenic byway programs. These routes represent the very best scenic drives from the four million plus miles of roads traveling across America.
The byways offer you a pleasurable driving experience along America’s most scenic roads while offering glimpses of mountains, lakes and rushing streams, small towns and farms, wildlife, history, and natural wonders across America. Consider this your invitation to pull off the interstate, slow down, and discover America’s scenic countryside and the treasures within.

Whether you seek adventure, scenic splendor or solitude, there’s a byway to take you there.

America’s Best. In the United States today, there are approximately four million miles of roads criss-crossing the country. In the New America’s Scenic Drives you will discover those roads that represent America’s very best scenic drives. Selected for their exceptional scenic, historical, and recreational values while showcasing America’s great outdoors, the routes travel through a beautifully diverse landscape, as diverse as the people that make up this great land of ours. This is your opportunity to come and experience the America we are proud ta call home!”






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