An Egyptian Journal

William Golding

“A first-hand Journal about his recent journey through Egypt, living on a motor cruiser on the Nile. Nothing went quite as planned, but William Golding’s vivid and honest account of what actually happened, and what he saw and felt about ancient Egypt and the exasperations of the living present will delight his innumerable admirers and everyone who travels in Egypte.”

“… Chugging up the Nile in a leaky cabin cruiser with a five-man Egyptian crew, Golding observes the everyday life of modern Egypte amid the ruins of an ancient land filled with ‘the mystery of magic, the presence of Gods, the power of priesthood and the glamour of kingship’. His text and the accompanying photos, many taken by Golding himself, portray the mud-brick villages, the fields still irrigated by primitive means and the women strolling down to the river to fill their water vessels, while the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Pyramids of Giza loom in his sight. Golding’s interest in the Egyptian people draws him into conversations with local potters and with students eager to discuss Virginia Woolf. Each night, the author descends to his chilly cabin to record these events and to muse on the time-stopping quality of the country and the conflicts he has observed, conflicts between ancient and modern, between European and Muslim. …”

William Golding, Nobelprijswinnaar Literatuur 1983, heeft naast fictie als ‘Lord of the Flies’ dus ook reisliteratuur geschreven. Vreemd genoeg is dit werk niet terug te vinden op de officiële website gewijd aan hem. Maar zeker het lezen waard voor wie een passie heeft voor Egypte en/of boeiend geschreven reisliteratuur.





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