Australia – Facing the South –

photographs by David Evans, poetry by Jennie Sharpe, music soundtrack by Leah Curtis

“In this book, photographer David Evans captures the colour, contrast and movement of Australia, this ancient and largely uninhabited land of the south. Australia: Facing the South is the culmination of five years of exploration and discovery in the south-eastern states of Australia.

Complementing the superb photography, poetry from Australian writer Jennie Sharpe provides another  layer to the photographs. Her song-like, rhythmic poetry expands the imagination and draws the reader into the images.

To complete the experience a stunning music soundtrack has been composed and compiled on CD, consisting of an Austrlian symphony from composer Leah Curtis. The soudtrack also features ‘pure nature recordings’, further transporting the listener into the Australian landscape.

This unique combination of all-Australian photography, poetry and music is a journey for the sense, reflecting the personal and intimate experience of nature and the outdoors in more than just a visual way.

Join these artists and the rest of the world, as we marvel at this continent in Australia: Facing the South.”





Australian Gallery Publishing





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25x31cm, hardcover met stofomslag, 127 blz, incl. cd, in goede staat (geschreven ex-libris op schutblad, bovenaan eerste 3 blz heel lichte vochtschade, geen verkleuring maar lichte bobbeling over ongeveer 10x2cm)


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