Children of the future

Sabina van Stralen, voorwoord Erica Terpstra

“… Based on her extensive experience in the bush Sabina also organizes and guides incentive and business trips to South Africa. … In 2009 Sabina joined a business mission to South Afric organised by SANEC and lead by Erica Terpstra.

During this mission, which focused on the upcoming 2010 World Cup, the group was invited by sport and development organisation SCORE to visit Khayelitsha. Khayelitsha is the largest township in south Africa where  SCORE runs one of her programs. SCORE uses sports to provide these children with the skills they need to succeed in life.

Seeing all the joy, happiness and hope that these children radiate made Sabina decided to make this book and allocate part of the proceeds to support SCORE. Following the trade mission, Sabina returned to South Africa in 2010. This time to the rural village Mapuve to stay in a Shangaan community and capture the stories of the children. These authentic (not rewritten) stories full of hope, written by the children themselves, together with the photographs by Sabina van Stralen form this unique book.”






Talen Engels
Landen Zuid-Afrika


28x22cm, hardcover, 159 blz, in zeer goede staat, gesigneerd

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