Coopers Creek to Langtang II

Peter Taylor

“Peter Taylor, whose own altitude is only 5 feet 51/2 inches, dreamed of mountains while working in the Australian outback. He read all he could of expeditions, successful and otherwise; and he made up his mind to find a suitable peak in the Himalayas and climb it. After intensive training in the Coopers Creek country – marching up and down sandhills for hours carrying a rucksack filled with sand – he made a practice climb on a New Zealand peak.

Then, having received the permission of the Nepalese Government to make an attempt on 21,592-foot LangTang II, he journeyed to Katmandu – and all seemed plain climbing.

But he had not bargained for the frailties of customs agents … the frustrations due to bureaucracy … the delays attending advance luggage that was always behind … above all, he had to beat the monsoonal storms, soon to arrive, that could destroy hopes, and even the climbing party itself. But with skill and courage, in spite of sickness and the inevitable alarms and crises of such a dangerous climb, Peter Taylor and his handful of companions planted the flag of Nepal on the summit of LangTang II, and he returned to Australia to write this epic account of the expedition, illustrated with his own dramatic photographs.”



Angus & Robertson





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Landen Australië, Nepal,


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