CultureShock! – Scotland –

Jamie Grant

– A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette –

“The CultureShock! series is a dynamic and indispensable range of guides for those travellers who are looking to truly understand the countries they are visiting. Each title explains the customs, traditions, social and business etiquette in a lively and informative style.

CultureShock! authors, all of whom have experienced the joys and pitfalls of cultural adaptation, are ideally placed to provide warm and informative advice to those who seek to integrate seamlessly into diverse cultures. 

Each CultureShock!book contains:
. insights into local culture and traditions
. advice on adapting into the local environment
. linguistic help, and most importantly
. how to get the most out of your travel experience.

CultureShock!Scotland provides a fresh look at this country of contrasts. Clock-full of useful tips and information, this book will guide you on how to settle seamlessly in Scotland, the land renowned for its kilts, ceilidh dances, haggis and its great outdoors. Discover what the Scots are truly like, what matters to them and how you can lit into this generous and warm society. Find out more about the nuts and bolts of making your home in Scotland, how to choose the right accommodation, how to brave the erratic weather and even how to set up you own business. Scotland offers much fun and many distractions as well, and the book highlights some of these exciting activities, such as the famous Edinburgh festival for some great performance arts and the favourite Scottish pastimes – fishing and golf.

CultureShock! Scotland is your all-encompassing guide to finding your way in Scotland and making the country your own.”





Marshall Cavendish





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