Eskimo Prints

James Houston

“This book constitutes a collection of 48 of the finest examples of contemporary print-making in color executed by the Hudson Bay Eskimos with explanatory text by the man who introduced this art form to these people in the late 1950’s.

Under the guidance, technical assistance and encouragement of Mr. Houston, Canadian artist and formerly with the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources of the Canadian Government (now Associate Director of Design for Steuben Glass), print-making among the Eskimos of Cape Dorset began in the early winter of 1957.

The concept of print-making as a method was entirely new to these Eskimos, but the stone cut and sealskin stencil prints they began to make under Mr. Houston’s tutelage reflected the images and ideas of their own creation based firmly on centuries of ancient Eskimo traditions, myths and skills. It was the start of a new school of primitive art.”


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22x26cm, paperback, 110 blz, in goede staat (klein geschreven namen op schutblad)

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