Exquisite figure-pictures from the Palace Museum

chief editors: Liu Beisi, Xu Qixian

“… A great number of figure pictures collected in the palace Museum include: the late Qing fikgures and the abdicated emperor Pu Yi who lived in the rear part of the Imperial Palace; Pu Yi who  lived in Zhang Yuan and Jing Yuan gardens in Tianjin; part of figures of the Republic and some of the early Palace Museum; the Eight-Power Allied Forces when they invaded and occupied Beijing City; victims of a natural calamity somewhere in the late Qing Dynasty. In these pictures there are many rare historical scenes, such as the group picture of Indian great poet R. Tagor with Pu Yi taken in 1924 in the Imperial Garden of the Imperial Palace, the group picture of Tagor with Chinese poets Lin Huiyin and Xu Zhimo and the then premier of Republic government Yan Huiqing and others taken at Johnston’s in Jing Shan (Coal Hill), and the pictures of Zhang Xueliang, Yu Fengzhi and American William Henry Donald who were giving a visit to Qian Qing Gong of the Palace. All these pictures have a very important historical value for study of modern history of China, court history, cultural history, social history ad the history of imperialist aggression against China. …”

ca 300 blz met foto’s (meerdere per blz) van mensen in uiteenlopende situaties; zowel historisch belangrijke als in het dagelijks leven. Groepsfoto’s, portretten, van royalties, burgers, staatsiefoto’s en spontane foto’s.





Forbidden City Publishing House





Talen Chinees, Engels
Landen China


28x22cm, paperback, 327 blz, in goede staat


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