Flowers from St. Martin

H.E. Coomans, M. Coomans-Eustatia

– the 19th century watercolours of westindian plants painted by Hendrik van Rijgersma –

“Flowers from St. Martin presents fifty watercolours of flowering plants by the Dutch physician H.E. van Rijgersma (1835-1877). During fourteen years he lived on the island of St. Martin. Next to his medical practice Van Rijgersma did biological research, in addition he was a gifted painter. He wrote illustrated manuscripts on the plants (1868) and seashells (1875) of St. Martin. His watercolours are very artistic and scientifically correct. The manuscripts were discovered in the United States. The represent the first documents on plant life and mollusk fauna of the Netherlands Antilles.

All watercolours of plants and flowers are reproduced now in full colour for the first time, with a transcription of the original text. In preceding chapters the history of botany on the Netherlands Antilles is described, next to a biography of Van Rijgersma and his scientific work. … The publication …. with the colour illustrations is not only an hommage to Van Rijgersma, these volumes are also of importance to the cultural and science history of the Netherlands Antilles.”





De Walburg Pers



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