Folktales of the British Isles

Edited by Michael Foss, Illustrated by Ken Kiff

“… Passed from generation to generation, sometimes over thousands of years, the stories in this volume are our own fairy tales rivalling, perhaps surpassing the sentimental collection of |Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland; every country in the British Isles is well represented in this volume from the leak sea-dramas o the Norsemen of Shetland down to the jovial giants of Somerset and across the sea to the little people of Ireland.

Moods range from tales of horror and fabulous beasts such as ‘Chips and the Devil’ to stories of elfish humour such as ‘The Old Woman in the Vinegar Bottle’ and wonderfully innocent tales like ‘Tattercoats’.

Because the tellers of these tales were unsophisticated people with strong emotions the stories are often wild and fantastic and therefore perfectly suited to the art of Ken Kiff whose 30 full colour paintings and 25 charcoal drawings illustrate the text.’

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Talen Engels
Landen Verenigd Koninkrijk


25x17cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 176 blz, in goede staat

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