Georgia – Treasures, Towers and Temples –

Photos by Károly Gink, Text by Erzsébet Csemegi-Tompos

“On the borders of Europe and Asia, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, rise the magnificent peaks of the Caucasus.

There, in the world of sky-scraping mountains nestles Georgia, a country with a romantic and turbulent history.
The extraordinary talent of Georgian artists an craftsmen was revealed by the discovery on the banks of the Suhumi of Palaeolithic weapons, and by the five-thousand-year-old fortified settlements, bronze and iron-age implements and other objects showing the influence of Greek and Roman civilization, the churches and palaces of the Middle Ages, and the characteristically decorated buildings of more modern times.
Throughout the centuries universal culture has been enriched by the creative spirit of this nation with its architecture, stone-carvings, painting, sculpture and the work of its craftsmen, particularly gold and silversmiths.

The book contains beautiful photographs by Károly Gink which display the culture and arts of this rich and fascinating country, both past and present. The text is provided by Erzsébet Cs. Tompos, and is both thoroughly readable and full of reliable information. …

127 photographs in black and white and 16 in colour.”





Corvina Press





Talen Engels
Landen Georgië


26x22cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 101 blz tekst, 107 blz foto’s, in goede staat (stofomslag heeft verschillende scheuren, boek is goed)


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