Giant Steps

Giant Steps

Karl Bushby

“In Punta Arenas, Chile, in November 1998, Karl Bushby set out on one of the most remarkable journeys of modern times. His plan is as simple as it is extraordinary: to walk up the Americas, across the Bering Straits, through Asia, Russia and Europe, back through the Channel Tunnel and returning to Britain in 2011.

It is a challenge of epic proportions – 20 miles a day, 3000 miles a year, 36000 miles in total. By the the time Karl returns, he will have crossed four continents, twenty five countries, a frozen sea, six deserts and seven mountain ranges. But more than that, unlike other similar expeditions, Karl is attempting it single handed: no huge support teams, no large sponsorship deals – just one man, two feet and an unstoppable determination to succeed.

Giant Steps is the diary of the first part of Karl’s amazing trip: trekking from one end of the Americas tot the other. From the heat of the Nevada desert to the frozen rivers of Alaska, risking death in the notorious Darien Gap to imprisonment in Panama, this is Karl’s raw, revealing and compelling account: an inspirational story of human endurance and adventure.”





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