Great Adventures with National Geographic – Exploring Land, Sea, and Sky –

Editor-in-chief Melville Bell Grosvenor

“… Such are the climactic moments of exploring land, sea, and sky, chronicled by National Geographic. To mark its 75th anniversary the Society presents the greatest of these epics, reported by giants of exploration fresh from their conquests.

In the 504 pages of this book they robe the floor of the Pacific, penetrate the bandit-ridden Gobi, hurtle into space: Jacques Piccard, Roy Chapman Andrews, Hiram Bingham, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Edmund Hillary, the Lindberghs, John Glenn. Venture with them into the unknown. …

Great Adventures with National Geographic takes you to China’s holy mountains, where a lama turned highwayman terrorizes the countryside … to Martinique, where Mont Pelee erupts before your eyes, destroying 30,000 people in three minutes … to New Guinea, where headhunters fight ghosts with burnished skulls, and birds of paradise parade their radiant plumage in courtship ritual. You’ll meet big-lipped Indians in the Amazon jungles … and earth’s most primitive people, aborigines in the Australian outback.

Five hundred and eighty-three illustrations, 356 in the breathtaking color for which National Geographic is famous, enrich this volume. Nineteen maps mark the trails of adventure. …”


ca 50 boeiende reportages over ontdekkingsreizen en -avonturen, voorzien van kaarten en pakkende foto’s.




The National Geographic Society



Talen Engels
Landen Wereld-wijd


26x19cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 504 blz, in goede staat (stofomslag vertoont aan de bovenkant scheurtjes)


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