Photographs: Ray Ryan, Text: Brian Rycroft

“As botanical gardens go, that at Kirstenbosch is a young one. Through the vision and enthusiasm of a few far–sighted people, it came into being in 1913. Youth and vigour often go together, however, and Kirstenbosch is remarkable in several ways among the great botanic gardens of the world. Sir George Taylor, director of Kew at the time of its Golden Jubilee wrote: ‘Kirstenbosch is unique, because on the slopes of Table Mountain, with their unforgettable and dramatic background, is assembled a truly spectacular array of South African plants.’

Not only is it remarkable for the beauty of its setting, but it is in an area outstanding for the wealth and variety of its plant life. …

The camera does not lie, it is said, but where natural beauty is concerned it cannot tell the whole truth. Nevertheless good photography can go a long way. The expertise of Mr Ray Ryan will help sharpen the appetite of those who have never visited Kirstenbosch or those for whom it can be only a pleasant memory.”

135 foto’s, meest van bijzondere bloemen en planten. Daarnaast botanische uitleg.






Howard Timmins Publishers



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31x23cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 137 blz, in zeer goede staat


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