Miroslav Zikmund and Jiri Hanzelka

– Country of Insurrections, Legends and Hope –

“The legends of Kurdistan, which have braced the spirit of the Kurds for ages, have been the main source of strength for a people whose history is fraught with subjugation, insurrection, defeat and division.
Jiri Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund once again penetrate into the very heart of the nation, and bring tot the reader its essence. “The beautiful people in the mountains of Kurdistan” are the subject of this volume, with their legends, “full of heroism, hope and tender poetry”.
Legends of the origin of the Kurdish people, ancient tales of the nations’ wealth – both abstract an concrete – are related as are present-day legends such ast that of the building of the magnificient Dokan dam.
Kurdistan in fact and legends, past , present and future, is introduced in words an photographs by world travellers J. Hanzelka and M. Zikmund for their readers to share.”



Artia (Czechoslovakia)



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