Literary Portraits of China

Literary Portraits of China

Nigel Cameron, James Philip Nelson

“A unique vision of China – the land and her people – is achieved by contrasting original, contemporary photography with selected excerpts drawn from some of China’s best known writers. These writings (both poetry and prose) were the inspiration for the images and elicit a lyrical sense of time, of people, of emotion, of place.

The photography and literature are linked by a simple narrative that explores and explains the back ground and development of Chinese literature over the past 100 years. Readers may agree or disagree with the interpretations but will be touched by the combination of images and words.

The book provides a diverse landscape -both visually and in a literary sense – as it encompasses the full spectrum of China. Chapters focus on South Central China, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Tibet, the Northeast and Mongolia.|
Excerpts are taken from the works of many renowned authors including Shen Congwen, Lu Xun and Zhang Xianliang.

Literary portraits of China contains over 125 clean, crisp images that vividly evoke the landscape and the people.
The book has en elegant style which allows the full power of the marriage of images and excerpts to emerge.”








Talen Engels
Landen China


31x28cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 192 blz, in zeer goede staat

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