Never again – Not to any woman or girl again –

Betty Makoni

– What happened to my grandmother, mother and me should not happen to any woman or girl again. As long as I get to know I will stop it. –

“The world waited for far too long for Betty Makoni to put a final touch to her inspiring and powerful life story, most of which had been shared in bits and pieces.

This official autobiography entitled, Never Again, Not to any woman or girl again, gives it all – empowerment, inspiration, courage, bravery, peace of mind, forgiveness and hope. Betty Makoni calls for activism to start in the home and at personal level and only in that way, silent genocides of women and girls stop.

A victim of rape as a child vendor at age six, |Betty Makoni’s anger was evoked to fight a crime that invades and violates the most delicate part of a woman. She did not feel physical pain for herself only but also for millions of other women and girls who are invisible and remain in rubbles of poverty and recycled in violence for centuries. The loss of her mother due to domestic violence did not enslave her nor keep her a victim. Instead, she used that to rebel against patriarchy and expose its injustices. Betty Makoni turned something negative into a positive by establishing her organisation from a classroom ad carrying it wit passion to become one of the biggest global movements for girls. …

Betty Makoni presents some ironic situations throughout this book. The NGO sector in Africa is dominated by women working to stop violence against women and girls but ironically the may serious conflicts that are presented in this book involve women against women. The ‘pull her down attitude’ by ‘dignified beggars’ surviving solely on donor funding brings some interesting debates, truths and insights into sustainable development. …

This book makes you angry, laugh, smile, think, speak, act, and move you forward if ever your life was stuck somewhere. …”





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