Route 66 Still Kicks – Driving America’s Main Street –

Rick Antonson

“Put your fingers on the pulse of America. The original U.S. Route 66 was 2,488 miles long, and 90 percent of it can still be driven today. It’s the most famous highway in the world, beginning in Chicago, and traveling through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, ending in Los Angeles.

Author Rick Antonson and his travel companion Peter set out to follow that original route, tracing its rich history and discovering the vitality and American character still beating through our heartland. Learn how Woody Guthrie’s life along the route shaped his music, how Mickey Mantle honed his chops in Oklahoma, and how Al Capone lobbied hard to pave Illinois’ section of Route 66 to help his bootlegging operations. John Steinbeck, Salvador Dalí, Dorthea Lange, Bobby Troup: all were significantly changed by their relationship with the Mother Road, and Antonson puts you in the front seat of a car ride winding through back roads and forgotten towns to tell their stories.

“You’ll never understand America until you’ve driven Route 66—that’s old Route 66—all the way,” a truck driver once told Antonson. Rick and Peter found out he was right, and readers can share their exhilarating journey.”





Skyhorse Publishing



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