Snakes and Ladders

Gita Mehta

– A view of Modern India –

“Here at last is a key to modern India. India is the land of contradictions. It is the world’s largest democracy, with half a billion voters casting their ballots in a summer election – but it still practices the caste system. It’s a burgeoning economic superpower, exporting computer software and launching satellites into space – but it is among the poorest nations on earth. it is home to the world’s largest film industry, and to the world’s oldest religions. It is an ancient civilisation celebrating fifty years as a modern nation, entering a new century many believe will belong to China and India. Now as never before, the world wants to know what contemporary India is all about.

… there is no better guide to India’s kaleidoscopic mosaic than Gita Mehta. She illuminates India in all its rich detail, its history and its contemporary crafts, its culture and its politics; its ancient traditions and current concerns. In Snakes and Ladders she gives a loving but unflinching assessment of India today: entertaining, informative, and wholly personal.”








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