South Africa – An Aerial Close Up –

Neil Sutherland

“The magic and mystery of Africa are captured in this book from a new angle, the freedom of the sky. This is an aerial journey around South Africa, a land where man and nature, the ancient and the modern, meet in a clash of contrasts.

In a collection of wonderful pictures, photographer Neil Sutherland has co09njured up a vision of the excitement and variety of a sun-baked subcontinent. it ranges from the Cape Peninsula, with its golden beaches, oak-shaded valleys and redolence of history, tot he harsh and arid plain of the Karoo, the ‘land of thirst’, and the windswept vistas of the Northern Transvaal. The hand of man is visible in the sweeping farmlands of the Orange Free State, in the industrial complex of the Rand, and in large-scale harbours such as those at Durban an Richard’s Bay, in northern natal. …”





Central News Agency



Talen Engels
Landen Zuid-Afrika


28x32cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, ongenummerde blz (boek is 3 cm dik), in goede/zeer goede staat

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