Jan Morris, Illustrated by Cecilia Eales

“From the Pyrenees in the north to Gibraltar in the south, Spain is a country of infinite variety and extraordinary contrasts. Militantly insular, it has been trodden all over by foreigners since the Roman conquest. Held together by strong central government since the 16th century, it is nevertheless still made up of vastly differing regional groups. Marked variations in climate and landscape mean that simultaneously there can be a ferocious blizzard in the mountains and a sweltering heathwave on the coast. Dour, devout Cristians and smouldering gipsies, lush valleys and barren plains, riches and poverty, all seem te exist in inexplicable harmony in this much visited but mysterious country.

In this universally praised celebration of Spain, Jan Morris has magically captured the essence of the country and its people. History, legend, landscape, architecture, religion, character and anecdote are brilliantly woven together to build up a fascinating picture. Here, in this new illustrated edition, her words are evocatively enhanced by the water-colours of Cecilia Eales and contemporary Spanish paintings.”





Barrie & Jenkins




1964 / 1979

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26x21cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 207 blz, in zeer goede staat


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