The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt – Women Travellers and Their World –

Mary Russell

“Some of the most remarkable journeys ever made have been made by women, but what is it, we wonder, that makes them abandon the comfort and safety of home for the risks and dangers of the unknown?

What drew Annie Taylor and Alexandra David-Neal to Tibet, when it was still cut off from the world and so hostile to foreigners, and particularly female ones, so they had to wear male Tibetan dress for protection? What did Hester Stanhope and Gertrude Bell, two such different women, find so compelling about the desert life of the East? What possessed Mary, Duchess of Bedford, to take up flying at the age of sixty – or Naomi James to sail around the world, or Arlene Blum to climb Annapurna?

Mary Russell recreates a gallery of these and many other striking, often eccentric individuals with a fresh and vivid pen, and brings a real insight into the attitudes they brought to their travelling as well as into just what made, and still makes, them set off and demonstrate that woman’s name is definitely not frailty.”










Talen Engels
Landen Wereld-wijd


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