The Challenge of Antarctica

Eleanor Honnywill, Foreword by Sir Vivian Fuchs

“‘Antarctica is the largest, highest, coldest and cruellest desert in the world’, Eleanor Honnywill has written in vivid detail, and often in the words of the explorers themselves, of this most fascinating and mysterious of continents.

The early voyages of Captain Cook, James Clark Ross and Adrien de Gerlache are graphically described, as well as Scott, Shackleton and Mawson’s later achievements. A man well-placed to understand the enormity of those achievements, Sir Vivian Fuchs, who led the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, has written the Foreword.

Equally absorbing are the chapters on modern methods of living and working in the harsh conditions of Antarctica, and of the vast amount of scientific research which is under way. Sections are included on Australasian an American exploration, and on the international co-operation that has taken place since the International Geophysical Year, which is one of the more exciting aspects of Antarctica today. A final chapter looks forward to the future.

This distillation of Antarctic history tells the story from the early searches for a ‘South Land’, through the age of discovery to the present tine. As more and more countries began to take an interest in this vast, frozen desert, political issues erupted. At least temporarily abated under the terms of the Antarctic Treaty signed in 1961, present and future global needs for food and fuel have brought a new challenge to the community of nations. Soon decisions will have to be taken regarding the use of Antarctic resources; it remains imperative that steps be taken to implement the present regulations for wise conservation and to ensure continuance of the scientific studies on which they are based.”





Anthony Nelson





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