The Everest Years – A Climber’s Life

Chris Bonington

“” In 1985 Chris Bonington crowned an already distinguished mountaineering career by reaching the summit of Everest at the age of fifty – an achievement which won him enormous popular acclaim and affection.

His new volume of autobiography chronicles his four expeditions to the huge South-West Face, through to eventual success in 1975, moving in 1982 to the tragic: North-East Ridge trip, and culminating in the very successful Norwegian expedition of 1985. In The Everest Years he tells of his fascination with the highest point on earth and why it meant so much to him finally to stand there himself.

The list of people with whom he climbed includes so many oft he top mountaineers from what was one of the Golden Ages of British mountaineering – Dougal Haston, Nick Estcourt, Doug Scott, Joe Tasker and Peter Boardman. he talks of climbing partnerships and friendships formed over the years with these men and discusses issues of teamwork, leadership and developments in his own attitudes towards them.

He recounts vividly the fight for survival on the epic storm-bound descent from the Ogre when Doug Scott had broken both his legs just below the summit and Chris suffered from pneumonia and broken ribs. Contrasting with this is the elegant, fast two-man ascent of the West Summit of Shivling with Jim Fotheringham, and his trip to the vast wastes of Antarctica to make the first British ascent of Mount Vinson, that continent’s highest peak.

His love of this country, too, is shown in his descriptions of he more gentle hills of the Lake District, where he lives, and dramatic ice climbing in Scotland.

The Everest years is at once a mirror of evolving climbing taste and practice over the past fifteen years and a celebration of mountaineering at its most exacting and rewarding limits.”





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