The gentleman’s Magellan – A Voyage of re-discovery around Cape Horn –

Peter Mulgrew, with a foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary

“Sir Frances Chichester once wrote that the doubling of Cape Horn under sail in a small boat is one of the greatest challenges left to man. This book is about a party of well known New Zealand adventurers who accepted that challenge and sailed the veteran 40 foot Chilean cutter “RAYO” from Punta Arenas in the Magellan Straits, around Cape Horn and through some of the historic channels of Tierra Del Fuego – The Land of Fire.

The voyage was inspired by Peter Mulgrew who, long fascinated by the area, sought to do something about it. He found ready help in the team that ultimately sailed with him. For all who read about the area became even more determined to make the voyage – to visit the same waters as Magellan, Drake and other seafaring pioneers, who, despite scurvy, witchcraft and ill-found vessels, sailed those stormy seas in fulfilment of their destinies. Peter Mulgrew insists that his visit to the area was a holiday by comparison, hence the title of this volume, “The Gentleman’s Magellan”. But the absorbing history, the spectacular scenery, and the detailed log of the whole voyage is reproduced within these pages so that you may judge for yourself.”






Talen Engels
Landen Zuid-Amerika divers


27x20cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 101 blz, in goede staat


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