The Munro Phenomenon

Andrew Dempster

“Climbing Munros is one of the fastest-growing activities in Britain today. In The Munro Phenomenon, Andrew Dempster presents a comprehensive exploration of the many aspects of this cult pursuit. He looks at the life of Sir Hugh Munro, the man behind the famous tables, and attempts to explain why for thousands of people his list has assumed an importance out of all proportion to its humble beginnings. He traces the exponential growth of Munro-bagging during the twentieth century and charts its evolution, for some people at least, into a competitive endurance sport. He also examines the controversial issues which surround the phenomenon – the often conflicting claims of wilderness conservation and right of public access, the contentious additions and deletions to Muro’s list, and the debate about mountain rescue and safety.

The Munro Phonomenon is not about Munros but about the relationship between the mountains and the people who climb them – the ordinary billwalkers as well as the pioneers and record-breakers. It is an essential read for anyone currently working their way through Munro’s list, for the seasoned veterans who have accomplished their quest and are searching for fresh challenges, and even for those ‘armchair Munro-baggers’ who have no intention of slogging up a 3,000-foot peak but nevertheless share in the widespread fascination with this enduring and worthwhile pursuit.”





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Talen Engels
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26x20cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 192 blz, in zeer goede staat


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