The New World – The First Pictures of America –

made by John White and Jacques Le Moyne and engraved by Theodore De Bry,edited and annotated by Stefan Lorant

– with contemporary narratives of the French Settlements in Florida 1562-1565 and the English Colonies in Virginia 1585-1590 –

Notes on the French Settlements in Florida
Notes on Le Moyne, Le Challeux, and De Bry
The narrative of Jacques le Moyne de Morgues, an artist who accompanied the French Expediton to Florida under René de Laudonnière in the year 1565
Nicolas le Challeux’s narrative of Captain Jean Ribaut’s last voyage, in 1565, undertaken at the King’s command, to an island in the Indies commonly called Florida
Timetable of the Four French Expeditions to Florida
Notes on the English Settlements in Virginia
Captain Arthur Barlowe’s narrative of the first voyage made to the coasts of America, by two ships. They were commanded by Philip Amadas and Arthur Barowe, who, in the year 1584, discovered the part of the country now called Virginia. This account is addressed to Sir Walter Raleigh, who financed the expedition.
Ralph Lane’s report to Sir Walter Raleigh concerning the English colony which had been left in Virginia by Sir Richard Grenville. The colony was governed by Ralph Lane from August 17, 1585, to June 18, 1586
An anonymous report on Sir Richard Grenville’s voyage to relieve the Virginia colony in the year of our Lord 1586
John White’s ournal of his voyage to Virginia in 1587, with three ships carrying the second colony to the New World
John White’s letter to the worshipful Richard Hakluyt, his very good friend, written on February 4, 1593
Joh White’s report of his last voyage to Virginia, in the year 1590, which he sent with his letter to Richard Hakluyt
Notes on John White
Notes on Thomas Hariot
Thomas Hariot’s A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia, directed to the investors, farmers, and wellwishers of the project of colonizing and planting there. Printed in London in 1588.



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