The Roads to Santiago de Compostela

Text written with the collaboration of Julie Roux

– James the Greater / Spain in the Early Centuries / The Pilgrimage / Roads in Europe and France / The Camino Francés –

“This book of the collection In Situ is an invitation to explore two complementary itineraries: one in time, to learn, from recognized facts to lasting legends, the story of James the Greater, the apostle of Christ and evangelist of Spain and that of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela; and an itinerary in space, on the roads of France and Europe.”

“The discovery of the tomb of James the Greater at the beginning of the 9th century, near Iria Flavia at the north-west of the Iberian peninsula, gave birth to one of the three great pilgrimages of Christianity. Although the figure of the Matamoros drove the actors of the Reconquista, pilgrims travelled to the apostle’s tomb in order to pray.

From all over Europe, men, women and children, nobles and peasants, clerics and trollops, journeyed along the routes to Compostela, their only provisions their staffs, their gourds, and their scrips. And in the soil of the tremendous faith of these walkers for God, the roots of a European Consciousness took hold.”

Meer dan een reisgids. Gaat in op de geschiedenis van deze pelgrimsroute en van de vele bijzondere heilige en minder heilige plekken onderweg, in Spanje en Europa. Heel rijk geïllustreerd, kleurenfoto’s op vrijwel elke bladzij.





In Situ, MSM





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