The Way to an Island

R.M. Lockley

“Most children long to live on an island. It seems as if it were an inborn instinct, which finds expression with the building of the first really big sand castle, as the tide encircles it.
They go on to envy Robinson Crusoe, but few continue in later life to think that this was the ideal existence they once thought it.

Bur R.M. Lockley has been wholly consistent, and in his attractively straight-forward story of his early days as a small boy in the country in Wales we see him growing up with that longing for freedom and an open-air life which was never to leave him, and always that compelling urge to possess and live on an island.

Now he has the island of his dreams off the Pembrokeshire coast, and lives there content, the wild Atlantic gales sweeping over his small domain. He is a professional writer, an ornithologist of repute, a practical farmer and sailor, and he built his homestead with his own hands, partly from ship’s timbers from a wreck. He has got his heart’s desire.

As a boy he knew what he wanted, and he set out to get it.”



J.M. Dent, Travellers' Tales





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