This is Mauritius – A Salt local guide –


“Local. That’s our passion. Wherever
we are in the world, we’re getting to
know the unknown. We’re connecting
with people and places. It’s travel
made meaningful.

Mauritius is loved for good things.
The colour turquoise against the colour
white under the colour gold. The best
beaches and weather in the world.
But that’s just one dimension of our
amazing island. And it’s not even the
best one.

There’s so much more to it. It’s a
melting pot of cultures. A never-ending
adventure. A fascinating, never-dull
community of genuine characters in
a vibrant, creative world of progress
and fusion.

This is our first guidebook. It will
take you to the heart of Mauritius.
We didn’t write it. Locals did.

Use it to fuel your curiosity.
Use it to do it like a local does.

We are Salt.
This is Mauritius.”

Inspirerende gids!

Lees meer over het project Salt op Mauritius op deze website.







Talen Engels
Landen Mauritius


21x15cm, paperback, 95 blz, in goede staat

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