Travelling the World

Paul Theroux, Picture Editor: Jenny de Gex

– the Illustrated Travels –

“For over a quarter of a century Paul Theroux has been travelling the world. This delightful book is his own choice of his best travel writing, harvested from half a dozen of his books. He has chosen his favourite people, his most vivid journeys, the landscapes and meals and narrow escapes that he treasures – some splendours, some miseries, all memorable. His travel writing did not begin with the Great Railway Bazaar, but rather when he was an English teacher in an up-country school in Central Africa. Since then he has travelled unceasingly and has unfailingly provided us with a record of his trips. Here, in a single volume, is a record of his life, travelling the world.

Onl on one trip did Paul Theroux take a camera, but felt burdened by it. After that, he left it at home. Others, travelling in his footsteps, have taken brilliant pictures of those same landscapes and people. For the first time, Mr Theroux has authorized a book of his writing which contains photographs – pictures taken at roughly the same time as his travels. In some instances they illustrate the text; in others they provide contrast. In every sense, and like these travels, they are illuminating. Even the most faithful readers of Paul Theroux will find something new here.

Travel books are nearly always described, belabouring alliteration, in terms of  ‘From Bombay to Beijing’ or ‘From London to Ladakh’. Travelling the World is a conspicious exception in the tradition of Waugh’s When the Going Was Good, and it embraces the whole world.”

The Great Railway Bazaar
The Old Patagonian Express
The Kingdom by the Sea
Riding the Iron Rooster
Down the Yangtze
Sunrise with Sea Monsters








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