Walking – one step at a time –

Erling Kagge

“Placing one foot in front of the other, embarking on the journey of discovery, and experiencing the joy of exploration’these activities are intrinsic to our nature. Our ancestors traveled long distances on foot, gaining new experiences and learning from them. But as universal as walking is, each of us will experience it differently. For Erling Kagge, it is the gateway to the questions that fascinate him’Why do we walk? Where do we walk from? What is our destination?’and in this book he invites us to investigate them along with him.

Language reflects the idea that life is one single walk; the word “journey” comes from the distance we travel in the course of a day. Walking for Kagge is a natural accompaniment to creativity: the occasion for the unspoken dialogue of thinking. Walking is also the antidote to the speed at which we conduct our lives, to our insistence on rushing, on doing everything in a precipitous manner’walking is among the most radical things we can do.”





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hardcover, met stofomslag, 177 blz, in zeer goede staat


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